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Facility NameTypeAddressCityZipInspection DateScoreGrade
STOP & SHOP FOOD STOREFood Market 2001 to 5999 sq ft846 E 6TH ST STE.EBEAUMONT92223Jan 5, 201691.00A
SUBWAYRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1540 E 2ND STBEAUMONT92223Jul 14, 201592.00A
SUBWAYRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft77 BEAUMONT AVEBEAUMONT92223Jul 31, 201598.00A
SUBWAY #3423Restaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1657 E 6TH ST STE.ABEAUMONT92223Oct 13, 201594.00A
SUBWAY #39461Restaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1420 BEAUMONT AVE #C2BEAUMONT92223Oct 29, 201598.00A
SUBWAY #60624Restaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft890 OAK VALLEY PKWY STE.GBEAUMONT92223Oct 15, 201598.00A
SUNDANCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep1520 E 8TH ST BEAUMONT92223Oct 23, 201598.00A
SUPER BARGAIN 13Pre-packaged Food Market 301 to 2000 sq ft652 E 6TH STBEAUMONT92223Oct 29, 201597.00A
TACO BELLRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft1604 2ND ST MARKET PLACEBEAUMONT92223Jan 13, 201698.00A
TACOS & BEERRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft909 E 6TH STBEAUMONT92223Sep 23, 201590.00A
TESORO USA #63349Food Market 1 to 2000 sq ft401 E 6TH STBEAUMONT92223Dec 9, 201592.00A
THAI AIR CUISINERestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft721 BEAUMONT AVEBEAUMONT92223Jan 21, 201691.00A
THE HOME DEPOT #8987Pre-packaged Food Market 25 to 300 sq ft1480 E 2ND STBEAUMONT92223Aug 28, 201499.00A
THE STOPPERestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1140 BEAUMONT AVE STE.ABEAUMONT92223Aug 28, 201590.00A
THREE RINGS RANCH ELEMENTARYPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep1040 CLAIBORNE AVE BEAUMONT92223Sep 23, 201598.00A
TOURNAMENT HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep36619 CHAMPIONS DRBEAUMONT92223Oct 21, 2015100.00A
VICTOR'S RESTAURANT & BARRestaurant => 6000 sq ft1620 2ND ST B-FBEAUMONT92223Dec 10, 201595.00A
VILLAGE OF CHILD HELP USAPrivate/ Public School Extensive Food Prep14700 MANZANITA PARK RD BEAUMONT92223Sep 17, 201595.00A
WALGREENS #7714Pre-packaged Food Market => 6000 sq ft1400 BEAUMONT AVE BEAUMONT92223Sep 23, 2015100.00A
WALL CHINESE RESTAURANTRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft383 E 6TH STBEAUMONT92223Jan 5, 201697.00A
WAL-MART #5156Food Market => 6000 sq ft1540 E 2ND ST BEAUMONT92223Jul 14, 2015100.00A
WAL-MART #5156 - BAKERYAdditional Food Market - Bakery1540 E 2ND ST BEAUMONT92223Jul 14, 2015100.00A
WAL-MART #5156 - DELIAdditional Food Market - Deli1540 E 2ND ST BEAUMONT92223Jul 14, 201598.00A
WAL-MART #5156 - SEAFOODAdditional Food Market Operation1540 E 2ND ST BEAUMONT92223Jul 14, 2015100.00A
WENDY'S #9415Restaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft525 HIGHLAND SPIRNGS AVEBEAUMONT92220Dec 9, 201595.00A
WETZEL'S PRETZELSRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1540 E 2ND STBEAUMONT92223Jun 15, 2015100.00A
WIENERSCHNITZEL #789Restaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1658 E 2ND STBEAUMONT92223Oct 14, 201597.00A
YUM YUM DONUTS #42GRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft380 E 6TH STBEAUMONT92223Aug 28, 201593.00A
ZIGGY'S SPIRIT SHOPPEFood Market 1 to 2000 sq ft345 E 6TH ST BEAUMONT92223Nov 24, 201597.00A
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Riverside County Department of Environmental Health
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