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Facility NameTypeAddressCityZipInspection DateScoreGrade
22ND SHELL STATIONFood Market 1 to 2000 sq ft2192 RAMSEY STBANNING92220Feb 1, 201697.00A
22ND ST. LIQUORPre-packaged Food Market 2001 to 5999 sq ft2185 W RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Nov 19, 201596.00A
7 STAR FOOD STOREFood Market 2001 to 5999 sq ft390 S SAN GORGONIO BANNING92220Jan 19, 201697.00A
AGUA PURA EL MANANTIALRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft3355 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Jan 13, 201694.00A
ALBERTSONS #6512Additional Food Market - Bakery300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS #7BANNING92220Nov 30, 2015100.00A
ALBERTSONS #6512Additional Food Market - Deli300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS #7BANNING92220Nov 30, 201598.00A
ALBERTSONS #6512Food Market => 6000 sq ft300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS #7BANNING92220Nov 30, 201593.00A
ALBERTSONS #6512 STARBUCKSAdditional Food Market Operation300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS #7BANNING92220Nov 30, 2015100.00A
AN ELEGANT AFFAIRRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft182 W RAMSEY BANNING92220Oct 30, 201390.00A
ARCO AM/PMFood Market 2001 to 5999 sq ft2228 W RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Feb 1, 201699.00A
BANNING DONUTSRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft584 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Apr 13, 201685.00B
BANNING HIGH SCHOOLPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep100 W WESTWARD BANNING92220Apr 7, 201696.00A
BANNING STAGECOACH KOAPre-packaged Food Market 25 to 300 sq ft1455 SAN GORGONIOBANNING92220Aug 12, 2015100.00A
BANNING SUBWAYRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft933 W RAMSEYBANNING92220Dec 10, 201596.00A
BANNING UNIFIED WAREHOUSEPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep350 E LINCOLN ST BANNING92220Mar 21, 2016100.00A
BANNING VILLAGE MARKETFood Market => 6000 sq ft266 N SAN GORGONIO AVE BANNING92220Nov 16, 201594.00A
BASKIN ROBBINSRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS AVE #8CBANNING92220Mar 2, 2016100.00A
BOONDOCKSBar/Tavern 1 to 2000 sq ft4296 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Jan 4, 201695.00A
CARL'S JRRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft1888 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Dec 17, 201597.00A
CARL'S JR. #605Restaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS AVEBANNING92220Mar 22, 201694.00A
CASA CRUZRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft2579 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Nov 16, 201591.00A
CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep295 SAN GORGONIO AVE BANNING92220Apr 25, 201698.00A
CHEERS MARKETFood Market 2001 to 5999 sq ft572 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Jan 14, 201694.00A
CHEVRON GASOLINE - FOOD MART #25Food Market 1 to 2000 sq ft3230 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Jan 19, 2016100.00A
CHUCKWAGON REST. & LOUNGERestaurant => 6000 sq ft46305 POPPET FLATS RD BANNING92220Oct 28, 201591.00A
CONSUELO'S HOME STYLE MEXICANRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1046 E RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Dec 8, 201594.00A
COOMBS ALTERNATIVE EDUCATIONPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep1151 W WILSON BANNING92220Mar 16, 201698.00A
COUNTRY INNHotel/Motel 100 % Pre-packaged932 E RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Dec 11, 2013100.00A
DARUMAYARestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft300 S HIGHLAND SPGS 10-GBANNING92220Dec 3, 201597.00A
DAYS INN BANNINGHotel/Motel 100 % Pre-packaged2320 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Mar 4, 2015100.00A
DEL TACO #39Restaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft1964 W RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Dec 17, 201595.00A
DENNY'S RESTAURANTRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft6305 JOSHUA PALMER WAYBANNING92220Dec 14, 201596.00A
DOLLAR GENERAL #13066Food Market => 6000 sq ft1323 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Dec 21, 201596.00A
DOLLAR TREE #4690Pre-packaged Food Market 301 to 2000 sq ft3403 W RAMSEY ST STE.ABANNING92220Dec 28, 201597.00A
DOMINO'S PIZZARestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft3559 W RAMSEY ST STE.BBANNING92220Mar 1, 201695.00A
DONUT DE-LITERestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft6350 W RAMSEY ST HBANNING92220Mar 15, 201693.00A
DONUT FACTORYRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft3081 W RAMSEY ST STE.ABANNING92220Dec 3, 201596.00A
EDDIE'S LIQUORRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft1449 W RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Jan 11, 201697.00A
FAMILY DOLLAR STORE #9074Food Market => 6000 sq ft1481 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Jul 16, 2015100.00A
FARM'S HOUSE RESTAURANTRestaurant => 6000 sq ft6261 JOSHUA PALMER WYBANNING92220Dec 3, 201593.00A
FISHERMAN'S MARKET EXPRESSRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft2271 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Mar 8, 201696.00A
FLORIDA ST DISCOVERY CENTERPrivate/ Public School Limited Food Prep671 N FLORIDA ST ABANNING92220Apr 26, 2016100.00A
FOX CINEPLEX THEATERRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft60 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Aug 12, 201597.00A
FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES #3768Restaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft5200 W RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Feb 1, 201698.00A
G & M OIL #154Food Market 1 to 2000 sq ft290 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS RDBANNING92220Mar 23, 2016100.00A
G & M OIL CO. LLC #20Food Market 1 to 2000 sq ft827 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220Jan 14, 2016100.00A
GENERAL NUTRITION CENTER #8907Pre-packaged Food Market 301 to 2000 sq ft300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS AVE BANNING92220Dec 28, 201599.00A
GEORGE BERTO'S MEXICAN FOODRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft755 W RAMSEY STBANNING92220May 2, 201690.00A
GOOD CHINA EXPRESSRestaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft300 S HIGHLAND SPRINGS AVE #6EBANNING92220Feb 1, 201696.00A
GRAMMA'S COUNTRY KITCHENRestaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft2868 W RAMSEY ST BANNING92220Mar 8, 201695.00A
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