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DateInspection TypeScoreGrade
Aug 20 2020Follow-up inspection98.00A
Aug 5 2020Routine inspection86.00B
Dec 3 2019Routine inspection90.00A
Aug 21 2019Routine inspection90.00A
May 9 2019Routine inspection90.00A
Feb 19 2019Follow-up inspection93.00A
Jan 29 2019Routine inspection73.00C
Sep 6 2018Follow-up inspection93.00A
Aug 23 2018Routine inspection80.00B
Feb 15 2018Routine inspection90.00A
Facility Name
Poly Mex Food & Restaurant
4038 Park Ave
Riverside 92507
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Facility Type Restaurant 1 to 2000 sq ft

Inspection Date Wednesday, August 5, 2020 View Report
Food Safety Certification2.00
Proper Hot & Cold Holding Temperatures2.00
Vermin Proofing, Air Curtains, Self-Closing Doors1.00
Food Separated And Protected From Contamination2.00
Toxic Substances Properly Identified, Stored, Used1.00
Food properly labeled and honestly presented, menu labeling1.00
Utensils And Equipment Approved, Good Repair1.00
Equipment / Utensils properly installed, clean;adequate capacity1.00
Adequate Ventilation & Lighting: Designated Areas; Use1.00
Premises; Personal item storage and cleaning item storage1.00
Floors, Walls, Ceiling: Good Repair / Fully Enclosed1.00
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