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DateInspection TypeScoreGrade
Sep 15 2021Routine inspection90.00A
Nov 25 2020Reopen Closed Facility  
Nov 25 2020Follow-up inspection100.00A
Nov 17 2020Facility closure  
Nov 17 2020Routine inspection81.00B
Oct 16 2019Routine inspection90.00A
Aug 15 2019Routine inspection96.00A
Jun 27 2019Routine inspection94.00A
May 8 2019Routine inspection91.00A
Feb 27 2019Routine inspection90.00A
Nov 28 2018Routine inspection94.00A
Facility Name
Jasmine Garden
7990 Limonite Ave #A
Jurupa Valley 92509
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Facility Type Restaurant 2001 to 5999 sq ft

Inspection Date Tuesday, November 17, 2020 View Report
Score  81.00 Grade B Inspection
Violations: Points Deducted
No Rodents, Insects, Birds, Or Animals4.00
Adequate Handwashing Facilities Supplied & Accessible2.00
Proper Hot & Cold Holding Temperatures2.00
Food: Unadulterated, No Spoilage, No Contamination2.00
Food Contact Surfaces; Clean And Sanitized2.00
Food Separated And Protected From Contamination2.00
Equipment / Utensils properly installed, clean;adequate capacity1.00
Equipment, Utensils, Linens: Storage And Use1.00
Wiping Cloths: Properly Used And Stored1.00
Plumbing: Properly Installed, Good Repair1.00
Premises; Personal item storage and cleaning item storage1.00
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